Sonos and Ikea behind perfect surround sound

In search of the perfect audio, Sonos and Ikea have teamed up to transform a floor lamp into the perfect surround sound. Basically, they attached long legs to the speaker of the Symfonisk lamp. This is a second generation and was changed to a bamboo screen. It is expected to be available in Ikea stores and on Ikea’s website from January.

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Symfonisk collaborative products now add this new speakerphone utility with surround sound. Sonos joins this initiative, which was dubious at first, but will change your mind when you see it. The standard lamp is usually around $180, while this refurbished version is usually over $250 in Ikea stores.

Stjepan Begic, a member of the Ikea team, said in a press release:

“Many people want to have multiple light sources on different levels and parts of the room to create the right ambiance. The challenge of not having enough room for a table to place the lamp led us to create the floor lamp.”

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The union of Sonos and Ikea for something ideal

Symfonisk loudspeakers, whether in bookshelf, lamp or wall art format, can be duplicated to achieve the ideal surround sound. With two speakers at a good height, in this case two lamps, you can get excellent results from Sonos sound bars. Images can be seen where the main use of these artifacts can be observed. The legs give it an ideal height without the need for its own supports. That said, you’ll pay more than you would for something like the One SL speaker, a popular choice for Sonos satellites.

The new speaker features a bamboo screen, but different replacement designs are available with different textures and materials. Some, looking to make the most of every inch, have pointed out that a shelf halfway up the legs would have given more use to all the empty space.

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For the ideal sound

“Ikea and Sonos will continue to challenge each other to find new solutions to improve home living through good sound integrated into home décor products,” a press release stated.

Sonos expects to have a busy 2023 ahead of it. The firm has stated that it will enter a new product category sometime in the coming year. In addition to this, what sites like The Verge have revealed as new releases from the company.

At this point the arrival of a high-end desktop speaker has been specified. The product name would be Optimo 2 and would be available in 2023. The multimedia world continues to grow and, for those who love a special sound, different companies are offering new devices. In addition to this, the union with design firms also gives these equipments a novel and integral touch to our home or office.