Elon Musk claims Neuralink has already implanted the first chip in a human being

Elon Musk asegura que Neuralink ya ha implantado el primer chip a un humano

Neuralink was strongly criticized by the people for allegedly leading to the death of several primates in the experimental phase of the implantation of brain chips. The chips have been baptized “Telepathy” and will make it possible to control a cell phone or a computer with one’s own mind.

Neuralink’s objective is to treat neurological diseases.

Elon Musk reported on his official X account (the former Twitter) that a “promising” brain response had been detected after successfully implanting one of his chips with a person’s brain.

He also commented on the patient’s recovery process, explaining that he was progressing favorably. One of the purposes of Neuralink is to treat neurological diseases.

These are the first reactions to the project

When news of this new update broke, the scientific world reacted immediately. Anne Vanhoestenberghe, Professor at King’s College London, commented that this news was “a significant milestone”. According to his vision on the subject, there are several companies that are working on promising projects, but many fall by the wayside, as only a “few” have managed to implant their devices in humans.

Anne also gave a brief analysis of Neuralink ‘s current situation. She commented that “true success” can only be measured over time. This is logical since it is not yet known for sure whether the implants are working or not. He also commented that Elon Musk has a habit of “generating publicity” for Neuralink, something that has happened before. As in the case of its Optimus robot.

How does Telepathy work?

Telepathy by Neuralink (Telepathy) works by implanting a chip directly into the patient’s brain. The device is connected to more than 1,000 tiny electrodes. It is powered by a battery that is recharged wirelessly. Thanks to the chip, signals can be sent to and received from a computer.

There are still no major studies or analyses of human reactions. Right now, the main concern about this device is the ethical burden of implanting the chip in human brains as well as the possible complications that could arise in the process.

Neuralink had problems in the past

Reuters commented in 2022 that the company Neuralink was involved in the death of more than 1,000 animals. These included pigs, sheep and primates. The U.S. Department of Agriculture did not detect negligence in 2023, although investigations are currently continuing.

Neuralink ‘s studies moved forward when the FDA approved human testing of the chips. The advances that Neuralink has achieved in a short period of time have made a big difference between them and their competitors. Most of the companies that have dedicated themselves to researching this sector have been conducting research for more than two decades.

Precision Neuroscience, for example, promises to simplify the chip implantation process. They opt for a simpler procedure, since the chip is implanted through a cranial micro-slit.

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