The latest Amazon Kindle allows you to take notes

The new Amazon Kindle Scribe has been highly rated by specialized sites due to its renewed features. In addition to reading e-books, this new device allows you to write or mark up PDF files as if it were a whiteboard. Now, it is vital that you can also be aware that the wallet will “suffer” a little with the price of this renewed Kindle.

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Among the most notable new features is the possibility of scribbling or taking notes on the texts that can be read. The Stylus responds almost without delay to the inputs required of it. Its screen is extremely large for typing and it has a long battery life. Along with the price, for many too much, there are also other aspects that take away scores from the Kindle. In addition to not being waterproof, others point to its size being too large for some people. Another aspect that was not well pointed out is not being able to annotate directly in the electronic books.

Although the kindles are fairly identical in performance, there are differences between the basic Paperwhite Kindle and the Oasis. The new Amazon Kindle Scribe is a game changer and the first device in a long time with a change. This is the ability to write or draw on the board. The included stylus allows you to take digital notes like a ReMarkable 2. The cost of $340 has raised some concern or surprised lovers of this type of reading device.

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This Scribe model has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. Another aspect is the new 10.2-inch screen, which is somewhat huge compared to other Kindles. Of course, it will not be possible to carry it in the pocket of any jacket or jacket. There is no drama, despite the size, to hold it in the hand, being super thin and light. The new section of the device allows the creation of notes, calendars, to-do lists and even sketches. This allows to design from lines, grids and even points with different sizes.

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In addition, it adds weekly planners with blocked pages or daily planners with timestamps. Each of the notebooks can have several pages, which allows us to organize them in the necessary number of notebooks and to organize them according to our styles. In addition, PDF files can be bookmarked to mark essential parts of the text. This opens up a range of many more productivity possibilities.

With the correct specifications

Among the great novelties of this Amazon Kindle Scribe is the durability of the batteries. The Scribe may not seem as durable as other devices, particularly if it is used for long hours of note-taking. In any case, it does not seem to be necessary to carry the charger for continuous use. Amazon stated a 12-week battery life for reading and three weeks for writing.

One of the biggest surprises of this Kindle Scribe is that it is not waterproof. Although it is not a decisive factor, it is still surprising for its luxury price. The screen is 300 pixels per inch, just like the rest of the Kindle line, with 35 LEDs for illumination.

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