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Humanoid robot to manufacture BMW vehicles

Un robot humanoide fabricará los vehículos de BMW

The BMW car brand has opted for the use of an advanced humanoid robot. It is a model, very carefully studied, that has servomotors instead of joints. In the robot’s brain they have implanted several AI chips that they have considered to be the most modern in the world.

Humanoid robots are here to stay

BMW thus joins the new industrial revolution in which robots are beginning to gain prominence. Amazon, for example, is already rumored to be testing the same model of BMW’s advanced humanoid robot to replace warehouse porters.
meanwhile, continues to research its own prototype.

Figure, the company that manufactures the humanoid robot that will work at BMW

Figure, the company created by Brett Adcock, is gaining the most international advantage for the quality with which it is developing its products. Its humanoid robot, Figure 01, will begin work at BMW’s U.S. manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

Brett is a technology billionaire and founder of Archer Aviation. This company is dedicated to the research and development of electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles. By making his contract with BMW a reality, he has bet on his future, thanks to the success and good development enjoyed by the automobile company.

The robots will be working in various departments: in the body shop, in the sheet metal shop and in the warehouse. They will receive specific training according to the tasks they will have to perform and will be employed with BWM for a maximum period of two years. Brett assured that the robots will be safe and will be able to work seamlessly with humans. Seeing this project come to fruition, Brett has indicated that belonging to the big car company “is a big boost” for them.

What is Figure 01 like?

Brett Adcock contacted several engineers to carry out his project. One of the purposes of creating Figure 01 is to generate a commercial humanoid robot that can be viably expanded internationally. Its team has included professionals who have also worked at Tesla and Boston Dynamics. In addition to engineers, AI experts, electronics technicians and embedded software experts have also collaborated.

Figure 01 will measure 168 cm and weigh 60 kg. It is capable of operating for 5 uninterrupted hours. It will also be able to lift 20 kg at a stroke and walk at a speed of four kilometers per hour. The humanoid robot ‘s head will be integrated with sensors and will be able to orient itself unaided in any space. The company wants to advance that its robots will not be used for warlike actions or for functions that involve causing harm to human beings.

In one of the latest videos the engineers shared on Figure 01, you can see how the humanoid robot makes just one cup of coffee. At all times, he has been guided by the expert’s instructions. It took the robot 10 hours to learn to make the drink on its own. In order for him to learn, he was shown videos of humans making coffee from capsules and was then made to repeat the task until he stopped making mistakes.