HP Chromebook: an amazing computer, but with some problems

HP’s Elite Dragonfly Chromebook model is a device that features a beautiful chassis, large display and fast processor. However, its software does not have an update to keep it up to date. All the hype surrounding the product in its various leaks was eventually confirmed. It is a highly recommended piece of equipment in terms of enterprise-level specifications. In addition, it is one of the first devices of its kind to support Intel’s vPro platform.

All the spectacle that has been pronounced around the device has also left room for complaint. The Chromebook has hit a major snag with its ChromeOS operating system. Although it is a system that has made progress over the years, it is still in debt in the business world. Nor, try as it might, has it found its best form in its cheapest equipment on the market, costing over a thousand US dollars.

The good and bad of the HP Chromebook

This equipment has presented very good performance in some aspects that will be highlighted below. This device features a robust and premium construction, which is accompanied by its slim and lightweight feature. The 3:2 display features 1000 nits and Sure View Reflect options. The processor is extremely fast with its vPro matching capability. It comes with a Sharp webcam with physical shutter.

Among the downsides of this HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook is the price. In addition, the model can become warm after many hours of use and the haptic touch panel is a bit stiff. For the value of the equipment, your business software is not good enough. Finally, things that could be better are its battery life and not having a screen that can be reflective.

A team that never ceases to be incredible

This device was highly anticipated by Chromebook “lovers”. Particularly, because not since Google’s Pixebook in 2017 has a luxury, high-end device appeared in this specialty. HP has gone to great lengths to present a business machine that is truly amazing. With a hybrid chassis between magnesium and resistant aluminum, it weighs just above the MacBook Air, although it is thicker. The Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers are fantastic with high sound quality. This is in addition to a rechargeable USI pen, which is optional and attaches magnetically to the HP Chromebook chassis.

Another aspect to highlight is the correct selection of ports, particularly in this world of ultraportable connections. In addition to an HDMI port, the device has two USB-C and one USB-A port. Finally, let’s go over some details of the Core i5-1245U chip. It causes the unit to fly through everything that is planned, even though the operating system, as already mentioned, leaves something to be desired in terms of generating significant problems.