Apple Vision Pro will not allow viewing of erotic content

Las Apple Vision Pro no permitirán el visionado de contenidos eróticos

The company known internationally for its apple logo, has opted to launch its Apple Vision Pro glasses. They have decided to market them as one of the most modern and popular products, being one of the most awaited launches by all fans of the brand.

Apple Vision Pro is the most talked about product in recent weeks

With the Apple Vision Pro glasses, they intend to provide a solution for all those who like extended reality. In their eagerness to build and develop a unique product, they have wanted to let the public know that they are different from what already exists in the market.

According to Apple, its virtual reality glasses have a technology called“Spatial Computing“. This is something that none of its competitors have yet. There are countries where they have already been marketed and there have been many images and videos of users wearing them.

There are areas where they have not yet been commercialized, such as Spain. At the moment it is known that some people have even used them for driving. And that Apple Vision Pro’ s will veto some style of content, such as pornography.

Apple glasses will not allow the use of apps with sensitive content

The Apple Vision Pro will have its own App Store. The company wanted to make it very clear on which topics apps could be developed and which ones could not. They specified that the applications on display should not contain any offensive, insensitive, upsetting, upsetting, distasteful, distasteful or frightening subject matter. In finalizing their specifications, they added that such content not allowed would be that related to pornographic or overtly sexual material.

The company explained that when people search for an application in the App Store, they want to be sure that they can do so safely, without finding annoying or offensive content. And although there are apps dedicated to displaying these topics, it would not make sense to use it in a product that is specifically made for work purposes, marketed as an office gadget.

It is one of the most criticized products

The Apple Vision Pro is priced at around $3,500. On Reddit it is already a trending topic. Internet users who love forums are rapidly updating the company’s eyewear topic every week. And despite the fact that in the same threads users argue about how and what to use them for, for myriad purposes, Apple has always been about promoting good habits.

Steve Jobs, in fact, thought they had a “moral responsibility” to block all kinds of erotic content, going so far as to say that people who wanted such content should buy an Android. Tim Cook, the current CEO of
has yet to comment in detail on the controversial issue of what will and will not be viewable. What do you think? Undoubtedly, these glasses have created quite a revolution, being a new Apple device to be launched on the market.

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