Retro arcade game is launched by NASA

Based on the Roman Nancy Grace telescope, NASA presented a retro arcade game for promotion. The same, with a similar style to “Asteroids”, aims to have fewer shots and a little more science for the user. NALA Comm’s arcade surely does not reach the level of simulation. However, the aim is to live the experience of using scientific equipment but with attention to fun.

Retro arcade game is launched by NASAOn the home screen, after players select the language, it appears: “You have been given observation time in the Nancy Grace Roman space telescope”. Subsequently, it is informed at the beginning of the game that “you have only one minute to capture as many astrophysical objects and phenomena as possible”. The intention is similar, in some respects, to some classic Atari games in which celestial objects fly on the screen.

A look at a retro arcade game

During the course of the game, objects appear more frequently, such as the orange and pink spirals. These have a galaxy meaning, with a value of seven points each. Other objects included are the Webb telescope, worth 75 points, or starburst supernovae, for 15 points each. Of course, there will be no shortage of blue-ringed exoplanets or green rebels. Finally, we will highlight black-toned dark matter and black holes.

The Roman Space Observer Game is a nice little game with many improvements compared to other similar video games. The basic aim of the retro game is to keep an eye on the disappearing stars in order to find them.