Drones as the farmers’ hope for the future

Agriculture has undergone many technological changes in recent decades, especially the presence of drones in agricultural production. For many they are flying toys, for others a dangerous voyeur, for others a weapon of war or a work tool, such as for the media. Now, through Artificial Intelligence (AI), the agricultural world can improve its productivity with the help of technology.

Drones as the farmers' hope for the futureThe work of AI in agricultural production would help to make it more sophisticated, in addition to mechanizing different subroutines of the activity. The advent of technology, particularly with the drone as the backbone of various activities, aims to give farmers a lot of hope. Large acreage coverage, weather and even soil monitoring can help improve productivity.

Drones to change agriculture

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones offer a wide range of possibilities for agricultural production. Field mapping, crop and disease monitoring, pest surveillance or irrigation efficiency are some of the possibilities that the field has with AI applied in a drone. Among the list of benefits can be added the precise application of pesticides, as well as localized or in areas that are difficult for large machinery to access.

Asian countries have been the most active in the use of drones in agriculture. In part, by an improvement in the regulation of the operational and legislative framework for the use of UAVs. Digital agriculture promises to be a hope for improving productivity and arable space.