AI advances in ‘fundamental’ physics and baffles scientists

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been taking its own look at physics, one of the most rigorous disciplines in science. This technology was “watching” videos of lava lamps and inflatable dancers. Subsequently, he identified dozens of physical variables that, even today, scientists do not understand.

AI advances in 'fundamental' physics and baffles scientistsVariables, in systems, are one of the first problems to be faced by scientists. From there they were able to arrive at the first simple equations to begin to reveal complex measurements and equations. For Hod Lipson, professor of engineering and data science at Colombia University, we are dealing with an art that has no systematic way.

Seeking to understand AI

In the Lipson lab, work is focused on understanding how the discovery process is carried out. Through it, the utilization of learning can be enhanced in its use within alternative physics that is hidden from human scientists. In this respect, AI will, according to professionals, make it possible to discover everything that has been overlooked.

Using an algorithm, Lipson and his colleagues study the ability of AI to analyze and learn from physical phenomena through videos. The oscillation of the double pendulum or the flickering of the flame was used in these studies and, from there, different variables have arisen that require explanation to understand the action.

Although this is not the first algorithm to study data, Lipson explained that the work they have been doing stands out from the rest. Mainly, the scientist pointed out, because it does not provide information, but aims to discover the physics within other systems.