Amazon to file complaint over ‘harassment’ of its top executives

There is much dissatisfaction on Amazon’s part with the rigorous and “harassing” investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Jeff Bezos, founder of the company and with 7 percent of the company, is on the list. Also Andy Jassy, the current executive director, is on the payroll. The investigation seeks to learn details of the company’s Prime subscription program and how it has maintained its membership.

Amazon to file complaint over 'harassment' of its top executivesOn August 5, Amazon commented on how “unduly burdensome” the investigation is proving to be. The firm understands that the administrative subpoenas were invasive during the Civil Investigative Demand (CID). Single-person households, holiday weekend moments and high-level executives, such as Bezos and Jassy, were visited by the researchers.

Amazon and harassment

The FTC has been investigating Amazon Prime, the subscription program, since March 2021. The company offers free delivery of various tools, such as the video streaming service, for $139 per year. The commission understands that there is a confusing registration process for customers that leads to “accidental” registrations, with all the subsequent paperwork to deregister.

It targets “dark patterns” that are used to influence customers with confusing images and ambiguous language. This is the focus of the FTC’s investigation into Amazon’s Prime product. In December of last year, the commission had issued a warning with the possibility of cracking down on possible fraudulent practices.