Zuckerberg, are you a… reptilian?

A couple of years ago the Cyber Violence Twitter account, dusted off a video in which Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook said: “This will not bother you, for you are human. And I was human. I am human. Still. I was referring to myself in the past, not that I am not human.” This alone was enough to make the conspiracy theory that the entrepreneur is a reptilian to be fanned across all social networks, including yours, of course.

Reptilian? Yes, and to better understand what this is all about, it is pertinent to go back to 1999. Year in which, David Icke one of the most famous conspiracy theorists, stated that:

“The world’s leaders have amassed such unparalleled power because they are not human, but a secret group of humanoid reptiles capable of shape-shifting.”

Reptilian: here’s what would give Zuckerberg and other celebrities away

According to the theory put forward by Icke in his book The Biggest Secret, the reptilians are not new visitors on earth, no, apparently they have been living with us for no more and no less than 300,000 years. This type of aliens, according to him, have the ability to display a human appearance for the sole purpose of occupying strategic positions of power, and from there conspire in order to rule the earth.

The characteristics of a reptilian, according to Icke, are that they are distrustful, skeptical, have a lower than normal body temperature, a lower than average blood pressure and an extra vertebra. And finally, they are hypersensitive to light.

And it seems that Zuckerberg has been feeding the conspiracy theory that is woven about him, because Internet users are always looking for evidence that makes them keep this belief alive. An example of this is this post:

“Hi, I’m Mark Zuckerberg and I enjoy providing nutrients to protein units in my spare time as a regular person.” Or “Here are additional photos of me posing naturally with human dudes as we engage in one of my typical human activities.”

Moreover, Zuckerberg is not the only personality to have earned the title of reptilian. Also on the list are characters such as: The Bushes, The Clintons, Queen Elizabeth II or Miley Cyrus.


Finally, on the conspiracy theory that seems to be gaining more and more traction, Zuckerberg responded in a Facebook Live, on whether he is a reptilian:

“I’m going to have to say about this that no. I’m not a lizard.”


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