The earth is flat and gravity does not exist, this is what the ‘Terraplanists’ claim.

That’s right, The earth is flat, moreover, that gravity does not exist. The place we inhabit is more or less a table covered by a celestial vault, which has a sun and stars floating nearby. Also, there is a pole in the center and the rest of the continents are scattered around it. And, at the end of it all there are some confines that are covered by a great wall of ice.” This is among many other things, something claimed by thousands of people around the world, who call themselves ‘Terraplanists’.

Through groups on social networks and on their YouTube channels, the ‘Terraplanists’ reliably defend the idea that a planet, whose shape is that of a spheroid, is “a conspiracy devised by an elite dedicated to occultism and Freemasonry”.

FLAT LAND. The true name of the world

By the way, there are neither a thousand, nor two thousand, people who make up these groups of ‘Terraplanistas’. The most visible face of this conspiracy theory is the Flat Earth Society created in 1956 in the United Kingdom. There are other groups such as Flat Earth and Existential Plane. In addition to Youtubers, among them Oliver Ibáñez with more than 126 thousand followers.

The theory that the earth is flat according to Oliver Ibáñez

He is 30 years old, is a lawyer and lives in Barcelona. He describes himself as a researcher of conspiracy theories and since 2016 claims that the earth is flat. According to him:

“Scientists advocating the theories of the round earth and gravity, such as Copernicus, Newton and Darwin, are related to Freemasonry and alchemy. And it was they who started a satanic conspiracy whose only objective is to go against God. For this reason, they have created a whole scheme, and their main accomplice is NASA, in charge of disseminating ‘mock-ups and lying photos of outer space’.

Ibanez also assures that there is absolutely nothing else in the universe. That there is only the earth and a few celestial bodies.

One of the proofs that, according to the ‘Terraplanists’, prove that the earth is flat is, for example, the leveling of water. This explains Ibanez:

“The physical property of water is to remain level and this is proven in a lake or a swimming pool. It has never been observed in the real world that these water surfaces remain on the outside of a sphere, especially a rotating one.”

And you’re probably thinking about the answer to the above: The Law of Gravity. However, for Ibanez and the rest of the ‘Terraplanists’, Isaac Newton’s 1867 statement is another idea created in order to sustain the lie.

And you. Do you dare to adhere to the theory that the earth is flat?

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