Cryptographic wallets allegedly involved in massive hacking

Solana’s Twitter account has been reporting what happened with a massive hack in different cryptographic wallets. It has been stipulated that there was a loss of $190 million of crypto assets from Ronin Bridge. Solana users have raised about the generalization of cryptoassets in their e-wallets.

There is still not much clarity on the details of the hack. All indications are that users of the Solana software wallets have been involved in the situation. Among them, the Phantom and Slope stand out as those with the greatest drainage of funds. Some 7,767 affected wallets have been reported on Solana’s official Twitter account. This anomalous situation has been reported both by users of mobile wallets and those linked to browser extensions.

Massive hacking without accurate data

Among the different tweets dedicated to this problem in the cryptographic world, Solana proposed the use of hardware wallets as a solution. According to the company, they have shown no evidence of having been exhausted in this attack. The company has “invited” its users to transfer their funds there. The first drawback that arises is that not everyone has a hardware wallet. It is a physical device that has greater security for cryptoassets, compared to a software wallet, such as Phantom.

Slope, one of the wallets that suffered from this attack, commented that it is “actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and rectify the problem as best we can”. On the other hand, from Phantom, also through the social network Twitter, it was specified that it “does not believe that this is a specific problem” of the company. The company expects to be able to share information shortly.