The Montauk Project, the conspiracy theory behind Stranger Things

The Montauk Project, apparently consisted of a secret U.S. government program linked to paranormal phenomena, and in which it is rumored that a series of tests were conducted at the Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, New York. But what does a conspiracy theory have to do with the famous Netflix series, Stranger Things? Here’s what they say:

From UFOs to the tragedy of September 11, theories have been created about things that governments (especially the U.S. government) know about, and the rest of humanity does not. It turns out, Stranger Things may have been inspired by one of those conspiracy theories because, it is said that , The Montauk Project focused on psychological warfare techniques and certain abilities such as time travel, teleportation and mind control, just as it happens in the acclaimed series.

The Montauk Project: from conspiracy theory to screen?

The word on the relationship between The Montauk Project and Stranger Things is that the series was originally intended to be called “Montauk”. In April 2015, Netflix published a press release announcing the Duffer brothers’ series with a synopsis that did not change at all upon its release, but its name did, and became the one we know today.

Rumors about the Montauk Project arose with a book by Preston Nichols called The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, in which he claims to have memories of being involved in an experiment called the “Montauk Chair,” which supposedly amplified psychic powers.

In his book, Nichols states that:

“The government attempted to modify the power of electromagnetic fields in order to create new forms of psychological weapons.”

In addition, Nichols comments in his book that the tests consisted of kidnapping innocent people and exposing them to extreme amounts of radiation. After this process, supposedly, people acquired special powers such as telekinesis, and were also used to perform time travel experiments and interdimensional portals.

Nichols, describes one of the experiments in his book as follows:

“First experiment: ‘The seeing eye.’ With a bit of a person’s hair and another suitable object in his hand, Duncan, the psychic, (Eleven, in the series) could concentrate on the person and could see what they saw with their eyes, what they heard with their ears, and feel with their body. He could see through other people anywhere on the planet.”

Although there are apparently more similarities between the theory and the series, one of them is said to be the above description taken to a scene from Stranger Things: there Eleven is seen doing a similar experiment before she opened the Upside Down portal.

For their part, the creators of the series have been evasive when it comes to accepting the connection between The Montauk Project theory and the series.

What do you think about this alleged relationship?

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