Did the United States, Russia and Argentina use extraterrestrial technology?

¿Estados Unidos usó tecnología extraterrestre?

Many people are wondering if several countries are using and hiding extraterrestrial technology, due to recent testimonies that spoke of certain activities related to the UFO world having been evidenced in the United States. And it is that 2 American ex-military came to tell how they had witnessed several abnormal events. And they claimed that UFO wreckage was preserved in the country with some alleged particles of alien bodies.

What is expected from the UFO world at the technological level?

Now, several experts from various countries called on governments to exchange information on extraterrestrial technology in order to improve science and knowledge on this type of subject. During a hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives, former military officers David Fravor and Ryan Graves revealed that the Earth was visited by various “non-human entities” and that the world’s governments used their advanced technology for their own purposes.

At the end of their testimonies, David Fravor and Ryan Graves asked the government not to withhold data on this issue in order to share new analyses and open minds to new hypotheses. Previously, these people had not talked about these issues because they were afraid of being intimidated.

After that date, it was the turn of Mexico and its Congress, drawing the attention of the international scene when the ufologist Jaime Maussan showed the corpses of creatures “of possible alien origin”. Numerous witnesses, such as pilots and air traffic controllers, as well as astronomers from universities such as Harvard and politicians from Japan, Argentina, France, Brazil and Peru, participated in the high-level hearing of the Mexican Congress, where various testimonies, opinions and evidence were exchanged.

In addition to the United States, extraterrestrial technology may be used in Argentina and Russia.

Carlos Eduardo Jerez was a radio and television technician in Buenos Aires who said he used a healing device he made himself. He identified himself on his business card as Director of the Planta Internacional Argentina de Investigaciones Científicas en Neurología, a clinic that treated patients with various neurological, mental and cardiovascular problems that medicine considered to be incurable. Jerez publicly stated that he considered himself to be a “hybrid” of “non-human blood”. He also wanted to present himself as the heir to a chemical and physical research project launched in France at the turn of the century by his grandfather Gaspar Asprella.

The idea began in Paradero, his hometown, in 1955, under the supervision of his father.
In the end, Carlos Eduardo Jerez made a painful 20-year pilgrimage through different cities, from Buenos Aires to Cañuelas. The Argentine branch of the Ummita sect settled there. In the group to which he belongs there are rumors that they are receiving many messages of extraterrestrial origin.

Jerez claimed to have used an extraterrestrial technology that promised a miraculous cure. Some experts commented after the examination that it is a physiological treatment method based on the interpretation of different digital fields. Paraguayan immunologist Analberto Alcaraz commented that Carlos Eduardo Jerez confessed to him that he was using a type of extraterrestrial technology, which was probably already being tested in Russia.

A testimony that, theoretically, otherworldly technology could be in use not only in the United States but also in Argentina and Russia. What do you think?