New far-right conspiracy: Is Boeing sabotaging its planes on purpose?

Nueva conspiración de extrema derecha: ¿Boeing sabotea sus aviones a propósito?

Over the past week, Boeing aircraft have been at the center of a number of troubling incidents, from mid-air emergencies to hydraulic fluid leaks and wheels coming off during takeoff. These events have given rise to a new conspiracy theory circulating among certain sectors of the right and extreme right: the idea that the Boeing crashes are deliberate, as part of a global plan to undermine Western civilization.

An attack on Boeing’s reputation

Importantly, some conspiracists contend that Boeing’s problems are the result of an alleged promotion of diversity by the aircraft manufacturer. This theory suggests that the company is sacrificing the safety and quality of its products for the sake of political and social agendas. Moreover, it is even claimed that the accidents could be orchestrated to favor the rise of Chinese competitors in the aeronautical market.

These ideas originated earlier this year after part of an Alaska Airlines plane, built by Boeing, exploded in mid-flight. Since then, far-right figures have insisted that the inclusion of diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) policies in the workplace has led to the hiring of unqualified flight crews, putting passenger safety at risk.

Accusations and wide online dissemination

James Lindsay, known for spreading conspiracy theories, suggests in a podcast that Boeing may be deliberately destroying its reputation and quality as a company. In addition, he hints that Boeing executives may be motivated to increase their personal bonuses through the implementation of ESG policies.

The spread of this theory is not limited to public figures, but has spread through various online platforms, from social networks to extreme right-wing forums. Likewise, Boeing’s unfounded accusations of sabotage have been mixed with political and social rhetoric, fueling fear and distrust among certain sectors of society.

In this vein, Donald Trump Jr. has seized on the situation to argue that Boeing’s apparent decline is symbolic of the decline of Western civilization, attributing the problem to policies he considers ridiculous, such as diversity and inclusion.

It is worth mentioning that although Boeing has stated it is cooperating with investigations into the recent incidents and has reiterated its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion; conspiracy theories persist and continue to be spread online by right-wing individuals and communities.

Finally, it must be said that the lack of solid evidence to support these claims has not deterred those who promote them, underscoring the dangers of misinformation and extremism in the digital age. It is crucial to address these issues responsibly and to promote an informed and constructive dialogue on safety and policy issues in the aviation industry.

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