Spanish writer Javier Sierra talks about an old UFO sighting in Iraq

El escritor español Javier Sierra habla de un antiguo avistamiento ovni en Iraq

Javier Sierra spoke in an interview for ‘Herrera en Cope’ sharing with the audience an anecdote about a UFO sighting. This case will be studied by the U.S. Capitol, which is why they decided to name and remember him.

Who is Javier Sierra?

He is a writer and journalist, who has specialized in telling all kinds of topics related to mystery and the UFO world. Faced with the new trends of a viral video about a UFO sighting that was circulating on the Internet, Sierra wanted to clarify what it was about.

UFO sighting occurred near Iraq

Javier Sierra explained to Alberto Herrera that the UFO sighting happened very close to Iraq in 2017. It began to be seen as a kind of floating gelatinous mass that entered the sky.

From this soft-textured structure, a kind of rigid tentacles came out and made their way through the barracks. As the mass got closer, it could be seen how its shape was changing. In total, more than fifteen minutes of video were recorded. The writer added that the UFO sighting was not visible to the naked eye. However, the camera caught it all.

The video of the UFO sighting was owned by U.S. communicators

The viral clip was in the hands of two U.S. communicators who aimed to lobby the government to release information about UFOs. According to Javier Sierra, they are the people responsible for the public leakage of this information.

The sources of the communicators were several ex-military personnel as well as anonymous people who recorded what happened. As the UFO sighting went viral, many Marines took to the airwaves claiming that what they had seen was the “Spaghetti Monster,” a figure with some sort of weird filaments. Sierra added that this probable unidentified flying object was not the only one to occur in recent years.

Medusa UFO and Spaghetti Monster: these are the names given to this type of UFOs.

Javier Sierra went on to say that in 1977 there was also another similar UFO sighting. The case was dubbed the “Medusa UFO”. It happened in Russia and hundreds of people were present to witness the event. They were able to watch as filaments fell from the object, melting and melting some glass from the windows. The writer also shared other data. In theory, the Persian Gulf could be contributing similar materials so that they can be studied on Capitol Hill.

Javier Sierra himself observed a Medusa UFO.

Javier Sierra also told how he had seen a “Medusa UFO”. According to his testimony, the event occurred in Shanghai in 2011. In the hotel room, arriving from a conference, he noticed how a green phosphorescent object moved without stopping. Sierra went to look for the journalist who was to interview him and he told him that “that’s not for me, that’s culture”. Javier then took the camera and took his own photos. What they saw when they analyzed them was some kind of strange jellyfish.