With pop-up camera, this is Motorola’s new smartphone

Motorolaone Hyper is the latest addition to the Motorolaone line. One of its main attractions is its 32 MP camera with a pop-up system, which, when the device is turned twice, it can be deployed or hidden. However, the company has also bet on other features such as a better battery and more storage capacity.

In addition, on the back of the smartphone is a 64 MP main camera, this being the highest quality lens that the company has integrated so far in a device of the brand. The second lens is 8 MP and is for depth effects.

Pop-up and other features of Motorola’s new device

Although the biggest novelty of Motorola’s device is the pop-up system, it also optimizes the experience in terms of viewing content, such as movies, series or games.

Another important aspect is that your camera is equipped with an anti-crash mechanism. This means that when the camera detects a fall it retracts in order to protect itself from shocks.

Its cameras (front and rear) have integrated QuadPixel technology that allows four times more sensitivity to light. It also has Night Vision technology, which is ideal for sharp, illuminated photos in dark environments.

The device’s display is 6.5 inches, has a FullHD+ resolution, and 4000 mAh battery, and also includes a 45-watt charger.

Its capacity is 4 GB of RM, 128 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD. On the other hand, it has Android 10.0 version without customization layers, and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 series processor with 8 cores.

On the back of the cell phone, you can find a fingerprint reader that serves as a notification LED. That is, it works to alert about calls, messages or battery level.

It also comes with two Sim card slots, one of them hybrid. For example, you can choose whether to use the second slot for a sim card or an SD card.

The smartphone with pop-up camera is available for now only in iceberg blue color, priced at €299.

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