These are the new augmented reality glasses launched by Snap, the Spectacles 3.

Snap has launched their new augmented reality glasses, the Spectacles 3, these are then an updated version, of the ones they released in 2016, the Spectacles. These include two high-definition cameras, which basically make you perceive depth and capture the world in 3D. In addition, they are designed with a lightweight steel frame and the shape of their lenses are round.

This new version brings a series of filters and three-dimensional augmented reality effects, with which you can create spectacular and original photos and videos.

Want to know all about the new augmented reality glasses? Here we tell you about it

Snap’s new augmented reality glasses work like this: to capture photos and videos, you simply touch the top of the glasses and can then send them via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You will be able to edit, send to your friends via Snapchat or other platforms.

Also, you should know that the lenses sync with any Android or iOS device. According to the company, one battery charge allows you to capture more than 200 1,642 x 1,642 pixel photos, plus 70 1,216 x 1,216 pixel videos, and with its 4GB capacity you can store up to 100 videos or 1,200 photos. Finally, to view the material, the only thing you need is a 3D viewer, but don’t worry, it’s already included.

If you’re super interested, we’re going to give you a tidbit of information that might surprise you a bit: the augmented reality glasses will be on sale for $380 starting in November, so you’re just in time to pick up the cash. Moreover, if you want, you can reserve them right now.

Currently, you can find examples of the visual material you will be able to obtain with these lenses on the company’s website. On the other hand, it is being speculated that, with its high price and super sleek design, Snap has in mind to target a more affluent audience, rather than the young students who are the main users of the platform. This time, they seem to be targeting and trying to attract creative people who are possibly interested in fashion.

Finally, the company commented during the launch that:

“We are looking to bring our community closer to a future where computing is overlaid on the world, rather than limited to a small screen.”

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