The Kalergi plan theory in social networks

The so-called Kalergi Plan is one of the most eccentric conspiracy theories.

This so-called doctrine, taken up by various right-wing or ultra-right groups, attempts to warn against the dangers of mass migration, especially in Europe. This theory has been going viral on social networks, and right now you are going to know all the details.

The extermination of Europe?

It is not unreasonable to mention that racial problems are not something of this era, since for years there have been wars precisely because of this. Racism has always been there as the main character of various groups, but in many occasions it has increased thanks to the internet.

That is why conspiracy theories such as the Kalergi Plan have taken relevance, as it finds all users who can feed it with more and more messages. This theory has to do with racial hatred and the race for world supremacy, but it’s so dark that it might give you pause for thought at night.

Basically, this is what it means: The mass migrations that have occurred to various countries in Europe have one purpose: To dominate it completely. It is planned that Asian and African migrants will mix their DNA with European DNA to create a weak and manipulable hybrid of the white man in order to exterminate him or use him as cheap labor. Basically it is the extermination of the so-called white race.

Although the ideas of this theory date back to 2005, old pamphlets have been recovered and spread all over social networks, and for that reason it started to go viral again in 2018. But, far from being a theory that does not transcend the Internet world, several people from the ultra-right political sphere have used it for various speeches.

The Kalergi Plan conspiracy theory

As always in the world of the Internet, this conspiracy theory has arguments for and against it, depending on the beliefs of the person who is reading everything related to it. Obviously something so dark and full of hate gives a lot of material for internal debate or with family members who already know what is mentioned.

People with far-right beliefs mention that the phenomenon of migration occurred in order to end the European Union as such. In fact, politicians in Italy and Spain have spoken out in favor of these pamphlets, citing that it is the revenge of historically oppressed cultures.

The debate has reached the universities, where sociologists have responded to this with academic facts. Some mention that this phenomenon has been happening for a long time thanks to globalization, and that is why in every country you find people of different races, religions, colors and types.

The Kalergi Plan is just one more example of what people with extremist political views can share on the Internet. Of course, this is not proven but it is not disproven either, so the debates have intensified and even more so because of the election periods that may occur in some years.

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