Hackers claim Russian interference is greater on the internet

In the deepest side of the Internet, where it is difficult for normal people like you and me to access, there are cybercriminals in charge of trafficking something extremely powerful: information. One of the most famous conspiracy theories on the Internet is Russian interference in the Internet, which is gaining credibility.

Why is Russia believed to be interfering with the Internet?

Although several years have passed since the Cold War, in which the United States of America and Russia got into a technological and declaratory conflict, it seems that hostilities are still present between two of the most important nations in the world. The Internet opened a new process of a Cold War 2.0.

This was fueled by conspiracy theories, where conspiracists mention hundreds of times that this or that news was part of a series of technological interferences between one nation or another. But now, what I am going to tell you, may be the spearhead to believe (or not) some of the most important sayings or videos.

But why is this interference now believed to be greater?

A couple of weeks ago the media dropped a real bombshell: American hacker groups proved that many of the connections occurring in the most important social networks were made from all over Russia (this is proven with data inside the most important newspapers in the world).

This hacker group even claimed that Russian interference in the Internet is increasing every day. Although they did not provide data or graphs, the U.S. hackers mentioned that every day there is a doubling of posts coming from accounts created with Russian IPs and feeding fake or hoax news, plus the number of cybercriminals has increased.

This has been taken up by those researching some of the most important political conspiracy theories. These proven facts totally recast the debate that began to gain traction with Donald Trump’s campaign, and here are some clear examples:

1.- That theory that Vladimir Putin helped Donald Trump to win thanks to the internet is gaining strength every day. All that post attacking Hillary Clinton during the presidential race, according to conspiracy evidence, came from computers with Russian IPs, and at least this is starting to matter again.

2.- It is believed that many fake news domains (of all kinds) come from Russia. That conspiracy site, that store with false information and even joke news sites may have a Russian address. The conspiracy that Russia wants to take over the cyber world may be gaining momentum again.

If it is true that Russian interference is much greater on the Internet, it is possible that theories and mysteries are currently gaining momentum. For the time being, what is certain is that there is a lot of activity in social networks from the world’s largest country, so it is the only thing that can be believed to be true.

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