The iPod Touch is back, did you think it was extinct? Well, no!

It seems that finally everything that goes away, at some point comes back and that is what is happening these last few days. First it was the return of the Tamagotchi that came back to make a whole generation nostalgic, and now Apple appeared to make a comeback with something not so retro, but with a product that was thought to be extinct. That’s right my dear friends, the iPod Touch is back, and it’s supercharged!

This Tuesday Apple surprised with this release: a new version of the iPod Touch. And, after nearly four years of not marketing it, it is normal that we are curious to know what’s new that will bring us this time.

iPod Touch, augmented reality and video games to conquer the hearts hooked on streaming

Part of the new features of the iPod Touch is the integration of technologies, which allow it to support video games with a four-inch retina display with which users will be able to enjoy all available content.

It also has the latest operating system, iOS 12, which basically allows users to access the apps that an iPhone owner would have.

Now, trends in four years have changed a lot, for that reason Apple knows that currently one of the most demanded things are video games. This is why the iPod Touch is equipped with a 10A Fusion Chip, which will also help to perfectly support augmented reality technologies, a trend that has gained a lot of traction in recent years.

But, let’s talk about its main function, or at least the use for which the device has been famous: music. This version has significant improvements, thanks to its larger capacity model that allows you to store an infinite number of songs, as it has nothing more and nothing less than 256 GB of internal memory.

On the other hand, it integrates a pair of 8-megapixel front and rear and panoramic cameras with a resolution of 43 megapixels.

The iPod Touch will be sold in space gray, gold, silver, pink, blue and red, and will be priced from US$199 to US$399 depending on its storage capacity.

But beyond the novelty, there is something that is surely on everyone’s mind and that is, is it worth having it just in the era in which streaming music apps are at their peak?

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