Xiaomi launched a smart stylus designed for kids

When we think of a pencil, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the verb to write. However, Xiaomi always tries to be one step ahead in everything, as this smart pen does not write, but what it can do is to read to children the text of a book. In addition, you can describe your images and even act as a translator.

And it is normal that the Chinese brand makes us believe that it has no limits when it comes to product diversity, which is something that the
Xiaomi Mi Bunny Reading Pen
Pen, proves once again.

Xiaomi ‘s new smart pencil is designed with a very clear objective: that this device reads to children by means of an optical sensor the text contained in a book and communicate it effectively. In this way, they can quickly learn new languages and facilitate teaching tasks.

Xiaomi bets on the promotion of reading and learning

With dimensions and materials that make it very easy to hold, children can translate in real time from English to Mandarin Chinese or vice versa. Therefore, this smart pen not only helps with the promotion of reading but also with the learning of a second language.

The information provided by Xiaomi last Monday in China, is that this pen that will sell for about 27 euros and has a vocabulary of 2,000 words in English. In addition, it will be compatible with about 22 stories in which it will be able to do image recognition, when this is passed through the illustrations that are in the text.

But, that’s not all, because to make the experience really fun, it has integrated 700 sounds to accompany the reading interaction.

This is how this smart pencil, which for now will only be on sale in China, is designed to promote children’s development in five basic skills: logical thinking, self-care, cognitive, social and psychological.

However, it won’t always be necessary to have a text for the child to interact with the stylus, that’s why we ensure that Xiaomi thinks of everything. By means of a button on one of its sides you can play many stories that are loaded on the device.

For their part, Xiaomi representatives reported that they expect to soon launch new stories, as well as language learning methods.

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