The return of the Tamagotchi: pure nineties nostalgia

In the midst of the smartphone era, Bandai, the Japanese manufacturer of the famous Tamagotchi, the virtual pet that captivated an entire generation in the nineties, announced that it will return. Although about two years ago this company launched a model available only in Japan, the new version will be available at Amazon, Game Stop and Urban Outfitters online stores.

And it seems that now the trend is turning to the nostalgic feeling, so, if Nokia did its thing in 2017 with the Nokia 3310 and Nintendo has revived its biggest hit with the NES Classic mini, Bandai could not be left behind. For this reason, it relaunched Tamagotchi On with a very specific idea: that children learn to have responsibilities through the care of a pet and all that this entails.

On its website, the company announced:

Tamagotchi On is perfect for having your own personalized pet. In addition, on the screens, now in digital color, you can decide what your character will do. Eating at home or at the restaurant, going to the bathroom, bathing, making friends and traveling to different places.”

Tamagotchi for a digital generation

That’s right, Bandai, the company responsible for making some people nostalgic, intends with the Tamagotchi to catch a digital generation, since they are people who from birth have access to touch screens and internet connection. Let’s see what’s new in Tamagotchi On this time:

First of all, no matter how much they want to revive a nineties classic, they will have to adapt it to current trends to ensure its success. This is why the classic black and white analog display will change to a digital and color one with LCD technology. Of course, the Tamagotchi On is far from becoming a tactile toy, as you will notice that it still retains something retro:

  • The three control buttons of the original model.
  • It will not have WiFi connection.
  • It works with traditional batteries.

However, it has another interesting function, which is that it connects via Bluetooth with a specific application with which you will be able to obtain “gotchi puntos”. With these, among many other things, it will be possible to leave the pet in a hotel called “Hotel Tama, in case it cannot be cared for and thus prevent it from dying as it did in times of yore. Please note: 1 hour of care at “Hotel Tama” is equivalent to 10 “gotchi points”.

In addition, with this new version it is possible to connect Tamagotchis with each other, in order to make appointments, go on trips, get married and even reproduce in order to raise several generations of a family.

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