PlayStation captivates with its virtual reality game Blood & Truth

Just a few days ago, PlayStation launched the first installment of an ambitious production for its virtual reality (VR) devices. Blood & Truth is the action game, which we can already enjoy and that is full of revenge, violence and lots and lots of blood, in which the player puts himself in the shoes of an ex-soldier named Ryan Marks, who after the death of his father has to rescue his mother kidnapped by gangsters.

The main objective of the developer London Studio (a subsidiary of Sony) is to take the experience of a triple A title (those developed with high production values and high costs), action to another level. And it seems that after three years of work by some 70 people around the project, this has been possible.

With Blood & Truth PlayStation bets on visual quality, gameplay and sense of presence.

In an interview conducted for the launch of the game, Simon Hermitage, the game’s design director, explained that one of the main challenges of the project was to achieve a “very sharp balance between graphics and gameplay”. And that, to this, they also had to add a virtual reality component, which aims to make the player feel completely immersed in the scene.

In addition, Hermitage added:

“In VR you can have the graphics look great and the gameplay look great. But you can’t afford for the player not to feel like they’re in the middle of the action, so we worked very hard to make all three things: visual quality, gameplay and a sense of presence, fit together very well.”

Moreover, this PlayStation game has only been on the market for a few days since its launch and has already become the best seller of the week in the UK, something that happens for the first time for a virtual reality game.

On the other hand, the positive comments from some gamers have shown what the success of the title is due to:

“Blood & Truth is like a movie and we’re not always pulling the trigger. There’s backstory and these other more relaxed scenes are necessary to move the plot forward and the characters’ relationships evolve.”

Finally, you should know that, in March this year PlayStation reported that, since the launch of its virtual reality devices in October 2016, more than 4.2 million of these have been marketed worldwide.

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