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The Formula 1 car of the future This is futuristic!

Formula 1 is the reflection of crazy minds that live dreaming of what the future will be like, so they visualize it, take it over and bring it to reality, to the present. So what you see on the track today is undoubtedly ahead of our time, it’s as if we have the precious opportunity to open a door to the future and see what it will be like in maybe 10 or 15 years! So let’s think about this: if the formula 1 car we see today looks futuristic, then what is going through those crazy minds that are already imagining another future for the Formula 1 car?

Are you trying to imagine the Formula 1 car of the future? Don’t wear yourself out, you may be right in some things and not so much in others, so here I will tell you what we will see more or less in the year 2027.

All this I can tell you, because the Renault Formula 1 team has already opened a small window to show us their futuristic designs, as other teams such as Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren have already done.

Here’s what we know about the Formula 1 car of the future

To begin with, Renault’s futuristic design for the Formula 1 car features a glass dome which opens from the side. The single-seater cockpit will be manufactured by 3D printing and the best of all is that the driver’s helmet will be transparent, so that you, as a good fan, will be able to see the driver’s face.

Moving into more technical territory, this futuristic car would have a greater electric influence than today, but would retain a six-cylinder turbocharged hybrid engine. The electrical systems would deploy one mega watt of power and the energy recovery system, KERS, would go up from the 120 kW currently deployed by F1 cars to 500 kW. Engine power would rise to 1,300 hp and it would weigh 600 kilograms.

In addition, it would give the possibility of being driven in all-electric mode in certain parts of the race, because the fuel tank would be reduced from the current 105 kilograms to 60.

It is expected that by 2027, the Formula 1 car will already be in operation, in the meantime those dreamers behind these cars of the future will already have their minds ten years ahead of ours.

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