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Viral AI song clones Bad Bunny’s voice and singer gets angry

Una canción con IA triunfa más que Bad Bunny y el cantante se cabrea

Bad Bunny, one of Latin America’s most famous artists, was upset to see that a song made with an AI has won more positive reviews than his recent tracks. The melody imitated his voice and musical style. Pissed off the artist, he went so far as to write in his WhatsApp group that everyone who liked the song made with AI could say goodbye to the tour. Adding that they were not welcome in the group. He also added that all those people who liked the new theme did not deserve to be his friends. Thus leaving out a large part of the people who were following the musical trends.

After making the comment about the song with AI, Bad Bunny joked on the networks

After that happened, the next day, Bad Bunny wrote a new message through the same channel in which he joked about it. He denied that he was referring to the song with AI. Mentioning that he was not referring to the popular song, but to “Chu chu tren y el mono amarillo” (Chu chu train and the yellow monkey).

The theme is called NostalgIA

The song with AI that caused the stir is called NostalgIA creating a huge hit last October 17 on FlowGPT’s YouTube channel. In this channel, FlowGPT is defined as the first artist prototype based on AI GPT technology. Or what is the same (Pre-trained Generator of Themes) and is described as a technology created to compose global hits that creates songs from available artist data using AI.

NostalgIA features clones of the voices of several artists: in first place, Bad Bunny; in second place, Justin Bieber and Daddy Yankee. Just for one night let’s go to bellaquear, with a higher note than Bisbal’s the phrase in which the fake Bad Bunny can be heard singing in a style identical to his own. Elsewhere, the song refers to another Spanish singer, Bad Gyal.

The success of the song on TikTok was such that it has even reached Bad Gyal herself. For her part, the artist shared a video on the platform in which the audio could be heard. I was all excited and then I discovered that it is AI,” said the Barcelona native while playing the verses sung by the alleged Bad Bunny.

Reception of the topic in social networks

In social networks, opinions about the song with AI are diverse. On the one hand, part of the public on social networks expressed their appreciation for the song and expressed their discontent towards Bad Bunny’s latest album. On the other hand, another part of the public expressed their support for Bad Bunny, who is very angry about the impersonation of his voice.

In fact, it is not a stretch to think about the strike of actors and screenwriters in Hollywood, since one of the causes of this event was to limit the use of artificial intelligence in the creative processes in the creation of movies and TV shows.

As the FlowGPT video indicates, the song was created by the AI from lyrics written by Mauryceo, a singer and producer from Chile.