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Elvis Presley “comes back to life” thanks to his hologram

Elvis Presley "vuelve a la vida" gracias a un holograma suyo

If you love Elvis Presley’s music, you’ll be delighted to know that he will soon “come back to life”, thanks to the virtual music show that will be exhibited under the name ‘Elvis Evolution’. It will be done with the help of AI. It will be supervised by the company “Layered Reality” located in the United Kingdom.

Authentic Brands Group will also collaborate in the project, who currently hold all the rights to Elvis’ image. Some of the purposes of the two brands when making this project, is that fans relive the history of the singer. They also hope to bring back the enthusiasm for the singer’s music, generating a new show never seen before.

What will the Elvis Preysler show be like?

The hologram of Elvis and his musical event will be presented in London in November. They will use AI and also holographic projection to “bring to life” the figure of Elvis in a realistic way, as it will represent the singer’s physical stature and build.

In order to create the Elvis hologram, the companies used his personal photos as well as videos of the artist, in which he appeared acting and speaking. This has made it easier for them to “extract” and replicate all kinds of grimaces, movements and postures of the popular performer.

A special show for all the artist’s fans

Andrew McGuiness, the founder of Layered Reality, commented that it will be an unforgettable experience. Adding that it will be a must-see event for all Elvis music lovers. In addition to the singer’s life, some of his more charming moments, such as his early career in Tupelo, will also be discussed. The show will also reflect on his successful career in Memphis as well as his time in Las Vegas. After this tribute, the event will culminate with the presence of the hologram that will recreate a real Elvis performance.

The event will be themed

During the last few years Elvis fans have increased due to the exposure of the movies “Elvis” and “Priscilla”. But it has not been the only thing that has reached the attention of people halfway around the globe, as holograms are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. The fact that shows that they are booming is the presence of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson holograms in 2020 and 2021.

The Elvis hologram concert will have a themed bar and restaurant where there will also be a variety of performances. Tickets for the experience will be available in June. It is expected to have a very good collection. This type of show also proposes that the lives of the most outstanding artists are prolonged beyond their usual lifespan, generating an opportunity to get to know them, especially for the new generations who did not live through their era. Andrew commented that the event will be, in short: “a celebration of Elvis’ life; the man, the music and his cultural legacy.” What do you think?