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Project Primrose: Adobe’s first interactive dress

Project Primrose: el primer vestido interactivo de Adobe

Do you know
Project Primrose
? is a dress designed by the company Adobe Inc. that changes color and displays different patterns in motion thanks to the user’s choices. This type of interactive garment is expected to be a real revolution in the world ofwearables, creating a lot of intrigue in the world of fashion enthusiasts.

Which company is Project Primrose from?

Projetc Primrose
is developed by Adobe Inc. Known internationally for its development in design software, photo editing and video editing, it has plunged headlong into the world of interactive fashion. The company was founded by John Warncok and Charles Geschke. With this step, the company launches into a new, much more modern phase.

When was the project presented?

Project Primrose
was unveiled during the company’s popular Adobe MAX 2023 event prior to the start of the new year. There, all the attendees were able to contemplate the brand’s dress, covered with interactive shiny scales, which can change color, presenting different shines and videos.

Christine Dierk has been the designer who has been most cooperative in the development of
Project Primrose
. The interactive garment uses polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC). All of these components, for the most part, are used in the construction of smart windows that are installed in homes consisting of autonomous appliances driven by AI.

The dress can look different by adapting to all kinds of messages and events, looking different by controlling it from a computer or simply by reacting to the movement of the person wearing it.

With this modern outlook, it is envisaged that the fashion industry may turn its attention to apparel and move into the creation of interactive garments. The implementation of this new type of fashion could revolutionize several industries, changing the needs of customers.

Who is its creator?

Christine Dierk has a PhD in computer science as well as a background in mathematics. One of its specialties is wearables, highlighting the most technological clothing. He previously designed interactive hats that allowed wearers to control various devices.

Dierk is positioning herself as an innovative expert with a great capacity for creativity, imagining a new world in which technology can customize any accessory or garment to the maximum, creating a new niche in the fashion industry.

A new approach to the fashion of the future

With this new project
aims to attract the public with a new product that will make them dream. But also to give them a different and unique aesthetic sense. Undoubtedly, this is something that differentiates them quite a bit from what other technology companies are creating since most of them are only focused on AI.

Surely we will see it as a new exponent of the Cyberpunk culture, which loves the bright, adding lights and originality in all its designs. Some people will still be reluctant to use it. But those who love novelties will see in this new dress, a new path to the clothes of the future. What do you think?