5G: this is what connectivity will look like in the future

5G: así será su conectividad en el futuro

5G is becoming the future of mobile connectivity, being indispensable to enjoy high-speed internet, generating good data transmission. Today, in an increasingly interconnected world, most people need to use their cell phones and computers to do all kinds of work, study or simply to be able to fully enjoy their leisure time.

The 5G now promises much higher performance than previous technologies applied to the Internet world, generating much higher frequencies, making the best use of the radio spectrum.

What does 5G offer?

5G will be able to offer you download speeds exceeding gigabits per second. The videos that can be obtained from the network can be viewed in high definition, obtaining higher quality graphics than with other technologies. Many users who have wanted to upload files to the cloud or obtain material from the network have been able to see how all the data were ready in a matter of seconds, significantly improving the performance of users, especially in their work.

5G will enable better results in fields related to healthcare, for example. Thanks to it, it will be possible to improve the response of robot-assisted surgery and to use remote equipment equipped with Artificial Intelligence. In this way, surgeons will be able to perform their work, regardless of where patients are located, generating new formulas for patient care that are much more evolved.

In the near future it is likely that the 5G applies to the “Smart Cities“The new models of cities in which everything is interconnected, facilitating the process of automation of some elements that today we assign as common to us, such as traffic lights, monitoring tasks such as automatic parking, directing traffic, etc.

5G will play an important role around video game and retail development

It will be common for you to hear, from now on, that 5G will be able to develop better experiences using virtual reality. It will be indispensable in the future, enhancing not only the image, but also the sound of hyper-realistic environments.

It will not be the only field in which it will create changes, as the retail sector will also benefit from 5G. Having access to a powerful network will make it easier to access much more versatile and complete shopping experiences, providing the customer with much more personalized experiences.

Thanks to 5G, customers will be able to access a facial recognition system that will give them access to recommendations unique to them. It will be possible for stores to become much more autonomous, making it possible to create stores where payment is made by scanning products, without cashiers or offering interactive sales booths.

Another advantage that 5G will have, especially for businessmen and women, is that payments will be made instantly, leading to an improvement in their services, saving time and improving customer satisfaction.

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