Spreadsheets are in fashion

One of the least “sexy” consumer software has historically been spreadsheets. For some time now, this office clerk or accountant program has been reinventing itself. Today, more and more programmers are choosing it to automate their activities and simplify their lives.

Spreadsheets are in fashion

In its beginnings, a spreadsheet was marked by the monotony of banking operations, planning a financial plan or managing a business. Today, the spreadsheet has become an exciting and innovative piece of technology. Part of this situation centered on the lack of effort to improve the office program.

Online spreadsheets

Since 2006, when Google put spreadsheets online, the changes began. Then, in 2012, the company Airtable presented a kind of database with its smart spreadsheet. These early exceptions were finalized with the use of Excel and Google Sheets.

The database is widely used in various categories of software. However, there are few programs that have coders who aimed to bring out new features, but suddenly it all started to blossom.

This technological field began to be worked on by different sites, using innovative robots. Traditional rows and columns started to become useful, multi-purpose bots.

Today, spreadsheets are much more than just numbers. People have found the possibility of having an organizational tool. From there, to-do lists, fashion planning, managing sports teams and becoming part of our daily lives.