Report warns of risk of U.S. power grid failure

The North American summer could have a high risk of grid failure. The report talks about outages and shortages due to high temperatures and droughts. The entire western and midwestern United States could be affected by these power failures during the coming summer.

The work was carried out by a non-profit corporation and alerted Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. of this problem. (MISO). The main problem would be that the necessary reserves would not be reached. MISO works on the energy ratio for the Midwest, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. The report elaborated on the energy drawbacks that Texas and the western United States may face due to grid shortages if there are energy needs above normal volumes.

Report warns of risk of failure in U.S. power grid

Concerns about power grid failure

Drought is one of the major problems facing the western and southern United States, in addition to Texas. Hydroelectric generators are relying on increasingly scarce water reserves. This has begun to cause concern, particularly when it is time for an increased energy requirement in the hot nights of the North American summer.

The report raises the need for “forced cuts”. The same, as stated in the study, could occur in the face of a “wide-area extreme heat event, all U.S. assessment areas in the western interconnection are at risk of energy emergencies.”

In order to reduce both the load and the stress on the grid, the policy of outages or other emergency procedures was already used last summer. The projections for this summer season do not come with the best auspices for energy issues.