Malware disguised as an emoji string

A number of cybersecurity researchers have developed how to discover any malware inside emojis. All indications are that, in the near future, hackers will be looking for deception through what we use most often. Both from a computer and a smartphone, it can be attacked by infected emoji strings.

Malware disguised as an emoji stringGenerally, hackers usually find what they call “exploits” on our computers. This is a piece of code that was designed to exploit these flaws and thereby take control of the target. As usual with any other code, the exploit can contain any string of letters and symbols.

Hidden malware

Hadrien Barral and Georges-Axel Jaloyan are two researchers who gave a talk on piracy in Las Vegas. The experts who gave the conference at the DEF CON raised the problematic that emojis can mean in the delivery of exploits to a target. The caveat that was made is that there is a specific circumstance that must occur for the emoji exploit to work.

The hackers, said the specialists, are looking for codes that may be vulnerable. Emojis, because of their massiveness, are a good entry point for a hacker, Barral and Jaloyan argued. The main objective of the exploit is to pass the first filter, which is the acceptance of the code contained in its payload. From there, the pirates begin to ensure that the attack will be successful. The future implies being very careful with those objects we use on a daily basis, they will be the new targets of hackers.