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Humans in the year 3000: What they would be like due to excessive use of electronic devices

Have you stopped to think just for a moment that we have never stopped evolving? Have you tried to imagine, for example, what human beings would be like in the year 3000? Well, an American telecommunications company called TollFreeForwarding has already done so and predicted how we will evolve according to a simulation. The results will surely surprise you, or maybe not so much, you will see why.

The company claimed that the changes in the physical appearance of human beings would be caused by the excessive use of electrical appliances. Mainly, they would be hunchbacked, with elongated necks and claw-like hands, but to support such an astonishing claim, they wanted to rely on the opinion of science and health experts to design a 3D model called Mindy to demonstrate such changes.

Humans will undergo a remarkable physical transformation

Let’s understand what the physical changes to which the telecommunications company refers are due to:

  • Stooped back: This would be the result of spending hours and hours in front of a computer.
  • Neck elongation: due to the way we bend over to look at our cell phones.
  • The claw-shaped hand: this is the shape it would take because of the way we grip cell phones.
  • Elbows: would at all times be at a 90 degree angle, this is the most typical arm position when holding cell phones.
  • The skull: it would be thicker, this would protect the brain from the radio frequencies of cell phones. And although it may not be noticeable to the naked eye, the brain would also undergo a radical transformation, as they would be smaller due to sedentary lifestyles.
  • Eyes: this would be one of the most drastic changes, as they predicted that humans would develop another pair of eyelids with which they could protect themselves against artificial light from electronic devices.

Hey! How about stopping this reading for a moment and looking at the person next to you? You will notice that it is true, you see his back somewhat hunched and his hands and elbows as described to us. Evolution is in process right now!

But, that’s not all, there are things that we don’t perceive so easily but that will also happen. The company said that by the year 3000, human beings would completely need cell phones and computers to be able to communicate and interact, wow, it looks like we are making great strides at this point!

In addition, that work productivity would be seriously affected by the lack of sleep, which would occur thanks to the radioactivity received from all electronic devices.
They further concluded:

“Technology and the use of social media, for example, makes us prone to anxiety and stress.”

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