The social network Facebook turns 20 years old after going through several popularity crises

La red social Facebook cumple 20 años tras pasar por varias crisis de popularidad

Facebook turns 20 years old. Es one of the most veteran social networks, having been active for 2 decades. Meta, the company to which it belongs, has managed to grow throughout all those years, buying Instagram and Whatsapp. With these acquisitions, Meta has become the largest social networking company in the world.

Facebook turns 20: already the most used social network in the world

According to some digital media experts, such as Fernando Checa, there are social networks like
that have had to face several “reputation crises”. On a personal level we can all reflect that the emergence of other social networks and short videos have created a shift in focus, leaving the blue social network last. (Always in comparison with the popularity results of its beginnings).

Checa also recalled that Mark Zuckerberg created the social network together with his college classmates. The entrepreneur’s purpose was to create a meeting point where Harvard students could stay in touch and share their memories.

Facebook is 20 years old and throughout its history, it has gathered more than 3 billion users around the globe. Only 30 million of that amount are pooled in Spain. Checa added that “although it is in the doldrums” it is still one of the most widely used. According to Checa’s personal vision, Facebook would need a design change and a “facelift”.

Checa says it is not a network for Generation Z

Expert Fernando Checa believes that
is not a social network that can attract “centenials” or those who were born in generation Z. The latter would be more accustomed to using Instagram, according to the expert’s notes.

for a time, could be considered as a threatening website for the population due to the news that existed about the leaks of personal data of all its users to the British consulting firm Cambrigde Analytica.

In total, data from more than 50 million users of the social network from the United States were leaked. That data could have been used, allegedly, to influence the vote in the election led by Donald Trump in 2016.

Fernando Checa commented that it was, at that moment, when Facebook lost all its ingenuity. He recalled that after that, there were other scandals that tarnished the company’s good reputation. Such as those derived from the former Meta employee who reported the fact that
and Instagram, could have manipulated the network so that users spend more time on it. In this way, supposedly, more publicity would reach them, which would be beneficial for Meta.

Experts review Threads, another Meta social network

Checa also explained that Threads was not as successful as expected. According to him “it’s a Meta experiment” and he thinks that, still, people don’t know very well how it works. The profile of this social network would be analogous to that of Instagram, with an average age around 25-30 years old. The social network that was born to compete with X(Twitter) did not succeed in concentrating informative content, but rather in publishing slightly more banal messages. According to Checa, Meta will be able to grow thanks to its strong investment power. A good economic management that has been maintained throughout all these years. What do you think?

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