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Emojis: warmth in virtual conversations, do you always use the same ones?

A study of four million users in 212 countries concluded that the most popular emojis were related to faces, hearts and hands. For its part, the most popular turned out to be ?, and in 2017 the ❤️ appeared more than 14 billion times in Instagram comments.

I don’t know about you, but the truth is that I do believe a lot in this study, because it is possible that of those 14 billion hearts, half of them were sent by me? ? ?. So, could we say that we lack richness in the use of the hearts? emojisHow can we speak of a lack of richness in verbal language?

Following the result of the study, Jennifer Daniel, creative director of emojis at Google, said:

“It’s so easy to get angry online. Because emojis give you permission to be nicer.”

Daniel refers to the fact that when we communicate virtually, the physical signals that suggest warmth and closeness are not present, and that is what emojis are for, to fill that void and coldness that these means of communication provide.

Let’s say a friend sends you a text message to tell you that they need to cancel the appointment they have scheduled for next weekend. You don’t mind that, because you didn’t feel like going out either. So, in order not to answer with an ambiguous “OK”, you add: ? to reinforce affection, despite the cancellation.

There are more than three thousand emojis, “explore the inventory”.

I can assure you that there are no right or wrong ways to use emojis, as they have no meaning, syntax or grammar. But, what is happening is that, with the collective use of these we are giving them semantics. For example, ? we usually use it anatomically and not as a fruit, do you do it too?

In addition, Daniel adds:

“Take note if you are only using twenty-something emojis and remember there are over three thousand, explore the inventory.”

It is possible that each person uses an emoji as a secret language. For example, Daniel comments that her husband knows that when she sends him an ?is because she is on her period and in a bad mood. And a friend of his uses ??️ to tell him that he is having a nervous breakdown.

Do you have a funny emoji with an interesting meaning? Share it with all of us in the comments, let’s see who is the most creative!

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