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13-year-old boy, first person to beat Tetris after an AI

Un niño de 13 años es la primera persona en vencer al Tetris después de la victoria de una IA

A 13-year-old teenager became the first person to win Tetris right after an AI victory in 2021. A viral video showed gamer Willis Gibson as one of the best at playing video games, becoming recognized for his feat.

Tetris was invented in 1984.

The game of Tetris wasinvented 34 years ago. It was created by Soviet-born engineer Alexey Pajitnov. For decades many players thought that you could only go up to level 29, thinking that it was impossible to advance beyond that. Willis used the pseudonym“Blue Scuti” on his YouTube channel. The boy was used to playing since he was 11 years old, competing in several tournaments. Willis reached the highest score and achieved three world records.

Why is Tetris so famous?

Many people consider Tetris to be an addictive video game, despite its simplicity. It consists of a puzzle in which several figures fall and must fit together to create lines or sets of them. Pieces can be rotated and cannot be allowed to accumulate (as this causes the end of the game).

As you progress through the levels, the speed increases, which makes the gameplay more difficult. In spite of that, Tetris is one of the most enjoyed games internationally. His fans continue to document his exploits on social media and livestreaming spaces.

Other players and the AI itself created their own victories in the past

Previously, gamer Thor Aeckerlund reached level 30 in Tetris using hypertapping. By vibrating his fingers he was able to move the controller faster than the speed set by the game. When this trick became known, other players tried to imitate it, without success. Then, an AI created by Greg Cannon attracted attention by clearing four lines at once without a hitch.

The AI known as“StackRabbit” made a previous analysis of the game and then played and implemented its strategies. He began to have an advantage over the human players as he did not lose his temper when the pile of figures accumulated in front of the top line of the screen. The lack of emotions and fast reflexes made the AI the best, creating addictive games.

In Tetris championships, the 8-bit version is often used. Normally, it is very difficult to get past level 29, at which point most human players tend to get stuck. Cannon’ s AI even reached level 237, something that caused the full excitement of the game’s fans.

He achieved a score of 102,252,920 points, one of the highest figures for a time of one hour and five minutes. Many defined AI planning as fascinating. As you can see, the AI also managed to challenge humans, this time, trying to be better than them in video games.