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Checking your cell phone too often could take a toll on your body. A very large bill!

It has been proven that we are spending more and more time immersed in our cell phones, whether it is checking WhatsApp messages, enjoying Instagram or even working. Checking the cell phoneThe subject is very complex, but if you don’t believe me, I remind you of this article that proves it, internet addicts: millions of people suffer with “offline” life Now, of hyperconnection, apart from all the things it can trigger, it brings with it a very big bill to pay: the negative effects on our body.

Sébastien Thebault is an ergonomics expert at the University of Caen Basse-Normandie in France. And nothing better than an expert in designing articles to match the physiological, anatomical and psychological characteristics of the human being, to tell us how checking the cell phone many hours a day has direct and indirect consequences.

Can’t stop checking your cell phone at all times? Be careful, some of these things may already be happening to you.

Let’s start with the direct consequences which, according to Thebault have to do with the constant micro movements of the thumbs, which ultimately damage the joints. Subsequently, carpal tunnel syndrome will begin to appear, the symptoms of which are numbness, tingling or muscle damage.

In addition to all the neck and back pain, which, by the way, we often say is the fault of poor sleeping posture or even the mattress. Let me tell you, you should analyze in detail the interaction you have with your phone, because this could be the cause of many of your ills and not your cherished mattress as you think.

All of the above happens because when you check your cell phone, you are probably sitting and there you adopt a shrugged shoulders posture, which, moreover, vitiates your posture. Not to mention tired, blurred and irritated eyes due to constant exposure to this light source.

On the other hand, one of the indirect consequences, for example, could even lead to death and has to do with concentration disorder.

For the above Thebault comments:

“Although it sounds less serious than carpal tunnel syndrome, it could actually be worse. When someone becomes engrossed in their cell phone screen, they may cross a street without realizing that a car could hit them. And then there might be no turning back.

Finally, the expert recommends being very attentive to the signs and pains that the body manifests. The key might be to take a break from the road for a few hours and connect with the three-dimensional world, that wouldn’t be bad from time to time.