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Human Experience, the AI resource that enhances customer experience

Human Experience, el recurso de IA que mejora la experiencia para el cliente

Have you heard anything about Human Experience? It is an AI resource that is being implemented in many companies in order to improve customer-facing services. AI is becoming a basic tool for many people who are working in services for the community and for freelancers who need to solve their problems much faster.

What is Human Experience, this new AI resource?

People such as Federico Cesconi, CEO of SANDSIV, explained that in 2024 some developments concerning the
as well as the use of data analytics and Machine Learning will be of great importance when it comes to creating better strategies to foster customer loyalty. With this, they will be able to attract their next clients with a global strategy, focusing on a much more holistic and humane treatment. People and their needs will be what will matter first, thus giving the name“Human Experience” to this new way of working.

Companies work with these new concepts and ideas because they want to create a much closer bond with their customers, generating better experiences and better understanding the wishes of all the people who trust them. One of the most common searches of most people is to feel understood, so many brands yearn to provide much more personalized and emotional interactions.

What should the Human Experience implement to stand out?

The company SANDSIV has created three new functionalities developed thanks to Artificial Intelligence in order to listen to the customer in a deeper way. These three features and a new AI resource allow you to automate and tag all types of data to identify trends. In addition to this, it also helps brands identify the most popular trends and analyze customer interactions through their movements and experiences.

Thanks to all these functions, you can assign tags or categories to different groups of information, adding your customers’ comments or reviews. In this way, companies can locate all kinds of reviews, trends and tastes in a much easier way, generating products that are easy to market.

What else will Human Experience help with?

In addition to what we have told you, this AI resource will be able to group according to the tags or topics they prefer the interactions and problems of their customers, generating better answers for all. In this way, waiting times for conflict resolution become shorter, resulting in higher productivity at work.

Federico Cesconi also commented that the integration of Machine Learning and AI has been “a crucial component in all aspects” of the solutions they provide. In this way and in his talk, he concluded that these technologies come to enhance the successes of any brand. Something that could humanize the complex sales context of most companies. What do you think about all this? Share and read on!