How to make an emoji idea official

Surely in many opportunities, some idea for an emoji has crossed your mind. But you’ve never had the opportunity to make it official. For 2022, ideas can be submitted as early as the beginning of April. This official window will be open until the end of July.

How to make an emoji idea official

When we talk about emoji, for those who are not familiar, they are the tiny cartoon images. The writer Arielle Pardes states that they count as antecedents to the emojis of the Japanese culture. Today it is under the domain of a non-profit group known as the Unicode Consortium.

One emoji = one feeling

The emoji is part of the daily exchange in the different instant messengers. The options they offer are slowly increasing. Largely because of the users’ requirement to decrease the use of vocabulary. This is in addition to diversity, as is the case with skin tone colors.

During the last Unicode update several new emojis were added. Highlights include a biting lip, a pregnant man, a melting face, an X-ray and a troll.

In case you want to present an idea, the first step is to consult Emojipedia to find out if it already exists. A second step is to consult the lists of requests in Unicode, to know the pending or rejected emojis.

The firm usually divides them into reasons for inclusion and reasons for exclusion. To this must be demonstrated, both the various cases for its use, as well as the frequency. The idea is that the chosen emoji can become a visually iconic entity.