How to check the speed of our Wi-Fi

Many times Wi-Fi connectivity becomes slow and can cause inconveniences. How can we diagnose our connectivity on desktops, laptops, smartphones or even game consoles? Aspects such as download and upload speed are essential in the fluctuation of the Internet connection.

How to check the speed of our Wi-Fi

Carrying out this verification will also make it possible to establish whether our Internet provider is in compliance with the contract. A first aspect that can be considered for higher speed is connectivity via Ethernet. Forgoing Wi-Fi, for direct cabling, will give us a superior connection.

Wi-Fi according to our needs

The first thing to know is that the Internet connection is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). From the use that we will give it with our daily activities, it will allow us to make an estimate of whether it is within what is necessary. Downloading files, watching movies or using social networks, no matter how small the movement, generates signal usage.

In case of a desktop or laptop, Google itself has a speed test. Entering the search engine we can find how to run a test in different online sites that will give us the corresponding numbers for downloading and uploading. that our supplier provides us with.

Some websites also give us the possibility to know the Internet speed on our smartphones and tablets. In addition to upload and download speed, some platforms allow a video streaming speed check. The latter is reported in relation to an estimate at the maximum possible resolution.

An essential aspect, a stable connection, is for those who play online games. The first step, before blaming our provider, is to check the speed of our own console. Within ConfigurationIf there is always a change between the marks, we enter to Network and there to Test Internet connection. In this way we will know how our equipment reacts to upload and download speeds.