Which VPN to use to stay anonymous and secure on the web?

One of the biggest concerns today is how to stay invisible online with a virtual private network (VPN). Nowadays, it is very common to feel that you are being watched or observed while surfing the Internet. Without needing to panic, this intuition is correct. Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) is tracking every click.

What VPN to use to stay anonymous and secure on the webIn this way, it compiles our anonymous browsing logs. They are in great demand by advertising companies. But they are also used by state control agencies with references to censorship or surveillance. In view of this, connecting to a free public Wi-Fi network is an invitation for hackers to do their thing.

What is a VPN?

When we talk about a VPN, we are referring to a service that creates an encrypted connection. It is carried out between a device and a private remote server. Through it, traffic is hidden and protected for protected web surfing. So, using a VPN service is like riding down the street in an armored car.

Using incognito or private mode in our browser is effective to a certain extent. You can delete history, different searches, cookies or account logins. However, true anonymity on the Internet is possible by obtaining a virtual private network or VPN.

This last point is the most important when thinking about using a VPN. This private network carries out the process of routing traffic and thus masking our Internet Protocol (IP) address. By using a VPN it is possible to access websites or services that may be blocked by different geographical or firewall restrictions.