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How about this initiative: with plants and microorganisms they generate electricity

A clay pot that contains small plants and microorganisms, as well as nanotechnology. It envisions a future in which the use of candles and kerosene lamps will no longer be used by the more than three million people living in a town located in the east of Lima. Incredibly, they are currently living in precarious conditions because they do not have a basic supply of electricity.

We are talking about Alinti, this is the name of the product that aims to revolutionize the way energy is generated. It works by taking advantage of the photosynthesis of the plants and microorganisms inside the pot, with small cooling plates located in the clay container.

This makes it possible to accumulate enough energy to light an LED bulb for up to 12 hours. In addition to being able to charge the batteries of up to two cell phones.

An invention with plants and microorganisms that aims to improve the quality of life of the people.

Its inventor is Asto, a civil engineer who continues to perfect the pot with plants and microorganisms to generate energy. And it is working with a team of biologists, chemists, economists, mechatronics experts and the collaboration of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

About the prototype that was delivered to the community, Asto comments that:

“We have given the mothers instructions on how to take care of Alinti, adding water every five days, turning the nanotechnology plates on and off, and they follow them to the letter. But, in addition, they tell us that their children are more motivated to do their homework because they want to do it together with Alinti.”

How about this initiative: with plants and microorganisms they generate electricity

Image courtesy of Telemundo62, all rights reserved.

For his part, Asto explained that the Alinti that each home owns sends valuable data through sensors on the amount of energy produced by the plates, plants and microorganisms, and data on temperature and PH. This information will be important so that, according to Asta:

“In the future every family will have about five Alintis at home and with that light up their entire home, turn on the radio, turn on the TV, a refrigerator. That is our goal.

But what’s more:

“Be a technological companion for children, let the next Alinti be smart, let it be able to answer children’s questions such as How’s the temperature, Alinti, do you need more light? And let Alinti respond.”

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