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Clip the portable bike motor that converts a normal bike into an electric bike

This new mechanism called Clip, you can take it wherever you want, it does not weigh much and is designed to encourage the use of bicycles and help protect the environment. Do you want to know more about Clip the portable bike motor? Here we tell you all about it, you will see that it is one of the most ingenious ideas to transform the mobility of today’s chaotic cities.

Since March 2018, its inventors Clement de Alcala and Somnath Ray, have been working on this novel product which is basically a motor that drives any type of bicycle. If you look at it quickly, Clip the portable bike motor resembles those clamps they put on the tires of vehicles in order to immobilize them. But no, this ‘V’ shaped device clings perfectly to the front of the bicycle frame, and with a small rim located on one of the sides, it propels it when it comes into contact with the tire.

If you care about the environment, Clip is the portable bicycle engine that will encourage you to take better care of it.

The main objective of its developers is to prevent more and more people from using stressful means of transport to go to their places of study or work, which also pollute excessively. So the idea is to motivate people to use the bicycle as a means of transportation, hence the portability of the engine as one of its main features.

The entrepreneurs state in a promotional publication of their product on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform on which they intend to raise US$10,000 to continue financing their project:

“What holds many of us back is that no one wants to show up to a meeting at 10 A.M. drenched in sweat. The brief moments of extreme exertion discourage committed cyclists and thwart the best intentions.”

In addition, they say that Clip can be carried just like any other accessory in a backpack. The idea is that the user, when leaving home, connects it to his bicycle, and once he arrives at his destination, disconnects it from it in order to charge its battery and be able to use it again.


Clip, the portable motor for bicycles has a 450 W power motor, LED lights for night travel, plus the possibility that you can manipulate it from your cell phone through an application.

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