Sony patents an intelligent voice assistant to be incorporated into PlayStation 5

Sony has just patented a new feature that could be one of the big new features that the PlayStation 5 will bring. The company’s new console coming in 2020, with a voice assistant based on artificial intelligence, which will allow players to make requests directly to the game console related, obviously, to game content.

The analyst Daniel Ahmad of the consultancy Niko Partners, has brought to light through his Twitter account the novelty, and ensures that this new functionality will allow, for example, help the player to find the nearest health package for your character through the assistant, which will mark on the map the place where it is located.

PlayStation Assist, the next from Sony

PlayStation Assist is the name reported in the text of Sony’s patent, which explains that it is:

“A method of game support, whereby information related to a plurality of player game modes for a game application is received over a network at an end server”

They also explain that the information in the request will determine the context of the game, which will allow the most appropriate response to be given.

In addition, that:

“A response to the request and the current game context is generated based on information related to the plurality of game modes, and then the response is returned to the player’s device.”

The company has designed this assistant to also operate on mobile devices through the official PlayStation app. Thus, the console user will be able to know when he/she started playing and how long he/she has played.

And is that the details of the next Sony console have been discovered little by little, this thanks to the fact that, last June, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, announced that:

“The new game console would allow cross-generation play, so PS4 users will be able to continue playing the same game of the same game on PS5.”

On the other hand, Sony confirmed that it will have the ability to load games at a higher speed. And it will still have an optical disc drive, as well as a surround sound system.

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