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Hollywood is designing an AI-created Edith Piaf

En Hollywood están creando a una Edith Piaf creada con IA para que protagonice su biopic

Hollywood seems to be modernizing and adapting to the new times, betting on an Edith Piaf created with AI. The idea of the team that is developing the project is to tell the story of the French singer without having to resort to a flesh-and-blood actress.

In the future will films be created entirely with AI?

We do not yet know exactly what the future holds. But what we can do is to take stock of how the international film sector has been evolving so far. In 2019, the idea of using CGI technology to “resurrect” James Dean to appear in the film Finding Jack didn’t sit entirely well. Now that everything is moving at the pace of AI, production companies may be more likely to move away from CGI to digital programming.

Thanks to AI, it will be possible to recreate the appearance of any famous character and her voice. Warner Music Group will be the first company to dare to design an Edith Piaf created with AI. For the work they will draw on a variety of documentation from the 1980s, using images and audios of the artist.

What will the Edith Piaf movie created with AI look like?

The title of the work is already known. Her name will be Edith. The story will tell the life of the singer, recreating the landscapes through which she moved. It will be set in the streets of Paris and New York from the 1920s to the 1960s, just 3 years before the diva’s death. The film by
Edith Piaf
has been made possible because the Hollywood studios have managed to reach an agreement with the artist’s heirs.

Warner Music Group explained that the animation will offer a “modern take on his story,” perhaps never before seen. They also commented that they will add archival footage, actual performances by the singer and clips of her television appearances. Something that will provide a real vision of what were some of the most important moments of Edith Piaf’s life.
Edith Piaf

The studios will work with other companies such as Seriously Happy and another studio whose name has not yet been disclosed. The AI will bring emotion and impact to the audiovisual work, as it will be possible to relive her voice and image, something fantastic for Edith Piaf‘s fans.

What will the AI-created Edith Piaf film bring to the table?

According to its director, Julie Veille, for them “it has been a privilege to work with Edith’s heirs”. One of the team’s aims has been to bring the singer’s story into the 21st century. To generate an even more exciting story, Julie acknowledged that the team ingeniously thought about what things Edith would want to tell if she were still on earth. Something that helped them think about what they would like to communicate. According to Julie, the story of Edith Piaf is a “showcase of resilience, overcoming struggles and defying social norms to achieve greatness”. A message that will undoubtedly transmit all the power and charisma that the artist had.