Charging your cell phone in just 5 minutes is possible with this technology

StoreDot is an Israeli lithium-ion battery company. And it has a proposal with which it intends to revolutionize the cell phone market, personal computers and even the entire automotive industry.

After obtaining US$130 million in financing and the backing of the world’s largest oil companies. The startup plans to develop batteries that recharge a smartphone in 60 seconds or an electric car in 5 minutes with enough charge to make a trip of approximately 500 km.

For now, however, StoreDot will begin selling chargers that allow a cell phone battery to be fully charged in five minutes, starting in the second half of this year. This would make the company a pioneer in this type of technological advances, as it would be 20 times faster than what we can do today.

Here’s what we know about the revolutionary technology that will recharge your cell phone in a flash

This technology is based on a combination of nanotechnologies. In addition, a new generation of organic compounds that store energy more efficiently and safely than any of the current systems.

The startup’s batteries use lithium, but replace the graphite used by other electric battery manufacturers with a mixture of metalloids. This means that they have properties intermediate between metals and nonmetals.

Then, you should know that these metalloids include silicon and organic compounds that are synthesized in their laboratories.

Electric car industry another beneficiary of this technology

Over the past few years, StoreDot has filed 31 patents, but is also awaiting the registration of an additional 50 patents by the relevant authorities. Because they are not only interested in having batteries that recharge the cell phone in record time, because the electric car industry will be able to make the most of this technology.

One of the main barriers for those who have an electric car is that charging its battery can take between 45 minutes and 4 hours. This is why manufacturers are working on increasing the chemical density of batteries, which would result in an electric car being able to travel further on a single charge.

At present, electric cars from Tesla and Chevrolet allow trips of almost 500 kilometers in good conditions. However, reloading is still a slow process and that is where StoreDot wants to concentrate all its efforts.

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