The Google Assistant has new features, we tell you all about them

During the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, the new features of the Google Assistant were presented. The company’s novelty offers its more than 500 million users something very important in these times: making people’s lives easier without compromising their privacy.

Let’s remember that Google has demonstrated its broad interest in being the leading platform that accompanies the homes of all its users through interaction with all technological devices. This is why it has made the decision to innovate with these 5 features:

1. Google Assistant linked to all devices in the home.

It does not matter whether the devices in the home are linked to the company or not. Because Google, seeks to make it possible to carry out a linkage that facilitates the life of users, this means that, for example, if you have a thermostat or lights of any brand installed in your home, you can link them without problem with the Google Assistant.

2. Program actions

With this new feature, which will be available later this year and will also be compatible with more than 20 devices, it will be like setting the alarm clock with the Google Assistant. All users will have to do is give a command: “ok, Google, turn off the TV at 11pm”. That’s all, Google will not forget to carry out this task.

3. Notes at home

The well-known sticky notes may soon be available on the screens. All it takes is for users to say: “Ok google, leave a note”. You must make market”, and anyone approaching the Google screen will be able to read it, even if it doesn’t match the owner’s voice.

4. Google Assistant will be able to read long articles.

Very soon, the Google Assistant will be able to be very useful to read web pages or articles, even if they are long. On the other hand, thanks to its artificial intelligence system, the assistant will be able to translate texts in several languages, 42 to be more precise.

All users have to do is say, “ok, Google, read this page”. You can do this when you find the desired website.

5. New privacy controls

The company’s idea is that in the coming months you will be able to ask Google if it is storing your private data. For example, “Ok, Google, are you saving my data?” Also, if you see that the Google Assistant has been activated and is listening to you, just tell it: “ok, Google, this is not for you” and it will deactivate immediately.

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