2020: here’s what’s in store in terms of technology trends

We can’t let the year end without telling you about some of the technology trends that will be in the news for 2020. Get ready because a breakthrough is expected in the popularization of 5G, extended reality and smart speaker advertising.

2020: extended and merged reality

Virtual reality has definitely marked a turning point in the industry. More and more digital content developers are making use of their techniques. However, from 2020 onwards we may see some much more advanced proposals. How is this possible? Well, what we will see are proposals that mix two techniques that are related but different: augmented reality and virtual reality.

Augmented reality basically consists of presenting virtual objects over a static image. Whereas, virtual reality takes users to live in a kind of parallel world. By combining them, valuable tools can be created for a wide range of businesses, and that’s what will happen in 2020.

According to Ericsson’s annual forecast report, seven out of ten consumers expect that by 2030, we will have virtual reality games that will be difficult to distinguish from physical reality.

5G networks

Considering that, this 2019 was marked by a wave of flexible mobiles with Samsung as a pioneer. By 2020, it is expected that several mobile devices will be launched that can take advantage of the capabilities of OLED-type displays and thus create two mobile formats in one.

Huawei and Motorola, are also very interested in implementing this concept that will definitely debut with quite high prices. What is very clear is that the Smartphone needs to evolve because it has been stagnant, except for the changes in design or the triple cameras.

In 2020, advertising will be coming to smart speakers

According to a forecast by the consulting firm Gartner, by 2020 smart speakers will have a major upgrade. It is expected that Amazon and Google will start to see this as a good source of revenue and therefore audio and voice oriented advertising campaigns will be conducted, just as voice command searches will increase. This, then, is a new way for humans and machines to relate to each other.

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