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Brains connected to the Internet? Only the future will give us the answer

Twelve scientists from the United States, Russia and Australia have published a paper claiming that, in a few decades, brains connected to the Internet will be possible. And for what? Well, this will happen so that your and my thoughts will be connected in real time, all thanks to neural nanobots.

According to this interesting study, our brains will be able to download information, as imagined by the Wachowski sisters in the Matrix movie.

The team of scientists is led by Robert Freitas Jr. from the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing in Palo Alto, California who suggests that:

“A brain/cloud interface (Human Brain/ Cloud Interface, or B/CI), will soon be a reality thanks to advances in nano-robotics.”

Brains connected to the Internet: science fiction or reality?

The truth is that, although it may sound more like a science fiction story, the reality is that the next generation of nanobots will have the ability to enter the human vascular system.

This, in order to position itself among the neurons and thus be able to wirelessly transmit coded information directed to a network of “supercomputers” located in the cloud.

In a press release, Dr. Nuno Martins, a member of the research group, said:

“A neuralnanorobotic-mediated B/CI system could enable people to have instant access to all the cumulative human knowledge available in the cloud. while significantly enhancing the capacity of human learning and intelligence.”

To further clarify the concept of internet-connected brains, think of telepathy. Think of how we could communicate through thought just as if we were sending a WhatsApp, we could access files and process images. But, as everything cybernetic carries certain risks, can you imagine the cloud and the transmitter falling victim to hackers?

The researchers claim that a “global core system” would connect networks of human brains with artificial intelligence. This would make collective thinking possible.

However, you should know that for brains connected to the Internet to become a reality, computer processors with very high-speed data transmission will be needed.

That said, today’s “supercomputers” have processing speeds capable of handling the required volumes of neural data. However, the advent of quantum computers with transmission speeds greater than 5G will have the ability to turn the human species into potential “Cyborgs”.

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